The Firm’s debt collection philosophy is: Debt collection should be pursued in a manner that is cost effective, results oriented, ethical, and proactive.

Collection work is most often undertaken on a contingent fee basis plus costs. A client will not incur legal fees unless the collections lawyer collects the money from which his fee is paid. Such arrangement is intended to avoid further losses in the event collection is unsuccessful. 

A contingent fee attorney has one goal in mind: collection.  The lawyer is not going to make money unless he collects and, in turn, makes his client money.  A collections lawyer tends to avoid having a creditor invest their money and his time in a collection matter that has a poor chance of collection.

Contingent fee arrangements tend to keep the interests of the attorney and the client aligned. This tends to avoid ethical problems over legal fees. A lawyer wins his fee when he wins money for his client.

Ignoring debt should always have a consequence: further action  A debtor who ignores a creditor should be referred to a collections attorney, then be subject to suit, then suffer a judgment, then have the judgment abstracted and show up on a debtor’s credit report, then face post-judgment enforcement against a debtor’s assets.  At every step the message is reinforced: every time the debtor ignores the indebtedness there is a consequence.    




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Debt collection should be cost effective, results oriented, ethical, and proactive. 

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