The Wilson Law Firm, L.P., is located in Edinburg, Texas, in a region known as “The Valley”.  The Valley is comprised of four counties – Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, Starr – and has a population conservatively estimated to be between 1.2 and 1.5 million. The Wilson Law Firm has been in existence for twelve years and is pre-dated by Mr. Wilson’s practice of creditors’ rights law at another firm at which he was a partner.  The Wilson Law Firm was started in 1997 and quickly became devoted to creditors’ rights law in the area of debt collection.  Such work remains the firm’s principal area of practice and comprises more than 98% of its work. 

The Wilson Law Firm is purposefully small in size.  The firm has resources to expand and does so as needed.  But the firm maintains the philosophy of having fewer higher skilled employees who put out a higher volume of work.  Thus, the firm’s size is smaller than most firms that put out the same work on an hourly basis.  The firm litigates many types of commercial litigation matters and even does some of this work on the defense side.  The firm accepts consumer (non-business) claims on a selected basis, mainly in the area of credit card collections. 

The firm is not focused on being a full service law firm.  The focus of the firm is debt collection.  It is the firm’s experience that staying focused on collection matters improves its ability to provide quality services and better results.  The firm’s focus is to service clients who need debt collection solutions and to provide those solutions. 



323 W. Cano • Edinburg, Texas

(956) 316.0545

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