The biggest compliment for a lawyer is to receive a referral of business from another lawyer.  The Firm enjoys referrals nearly every week. Many colleagues are kind enough to refer collection work to the law firm.  Collection matters have a tendency to get neglected in law firms where collections law is not one of the primary areas of the firm’s practice.  Some lawyers refer to the Firm because they trust the Firm to do good collection work for their clients.  Other lawyers refer work because they do not handle certain aspects of collection work.  A lot of attorneys that refer matters are able to handle the litigation of a collection matter.  However, they do not have practices designed to engage in post-judgment enforcement measures so judgments can be collected from uncooperative debtors.  The Wilson Law Firm practices post-judgment enforcement law every day and is a resource used by many lawyers and firms for such work. 

Mr. Wilson acts as a resource for other attorneys and regularly spends time providing legal advice and counsel on collections law to his fellow colleagues at no charge.  He invites his fellow lawyers to call early and often about any questions and often provides them model drafts of various documents for use in their own practices.

Mr. Wilson also acts as local counsel to various out-of-town firms and attends hearings every week for such firms, almost always involving some commercial litigation issue involving creditor-debtor law.  He also acts as co-counsel to local lawyers/firms during litigation and post-judgment litigation as needed.  The Wilson Law Firm also engages in various fee sharing and work division arrangements as needed.


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